Below are examples of footage from the frontline of the Hong Kong protests, piece-to-cam reports, podcasts and interviews.

  • Hong Kong protests
  • Inside Polytechnic University
  • Interviews with Hongkonger residents during COVID19 crisis
  • Press freedom video reports

Voice of America - 1 February 2022 - Hong Kong Media Outlets Shut In Worrying Trend

Rappler - 1st October 2020 - China National Day protests in Hong Kong

6th September 2020 - Hong Kong protests return against government's decision to delay elections

This report was produced for online media Rappler

The full link is below:

Rappler - 1st July 2020, Anti-national security law protests, Hong Kong

This report was later produced for online news site Rappler.

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Rappler - 24th May 2020, Street protests against pending national security law, Hong Kong

Rappler - February 2020, Street interviews with Hong Kongers about COVID19 wave

Rappler - 8th December 2019, A reported 800,000 protest in Hong Kong.

Rappler - 18th November 2019, Thousands take to Nathan Road after Polytechnic University siege, Hong Kong

Rappler - 17th November 2019, Hong Kong's Polytechnic University occupied by anti-government protesters

Rappler - October 4th 2019, Street protests in Hong Kong

Rappler - 1st October 2019, 70th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, protests in Hong Kong

News Corp Australia - 29th September 2019, First-person video footage, police rubber bullets hit me twice during anti-government protests in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The Straits Times - September 2019, Shopping mall protests in Hong Kong

The Bangkok Post (Asia Focus) - October 2019 , Hong Kong street protest footage